Steve Crick
Selected Design Credits
Production Design Element Director/Choreographer
The Merry Wives of Windsor Lighting & Sound John Shearin
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Lighting & Sound Robert Caprio
Brigadoon Sound John Shearin
Orpheus Descending Sound Greg Funaro
The Wild Party Lighting John Shearin
Play It Again Sam Sound Robert Caprio
Dance 2010
     Zephyr Vivant Lighting Tommi Galaska
     Arc: Echo: Fall Lighting John Dixon
     The Deadbeatantes Lighting Clarine Powell
     Definitions: I Lighting Patricia Weeks
     The Show Must Go On Lighting Galina Panova
     Crossing the Mid-Line Lighting Dawn Clark
     Traditions in Time Lighting Lane Alexander
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Sound John Shearin
The Crucible Lighting & Sound Greg Funaro
Dance 2009
     SOP Lighting Bergen Wheeler
     Swan Fake Lighting Timor Bourtasenkov
     Precipice, Portal Lighting Madeleine Reber
     When The Lion Roars... Lighting Clarine Powell
     Wallflower Lighting Dawn Clark
     A Midsummer Night's Dream Lighting Galina Panova
     And The Sun Breaks Through Lighting Patricia Weeks
     Sacred Beat Lighting Tommi Galaska
All's Well That Ends Well Lighting & Sound John Shearin
Bat Boy Lighting Robert Caprio
The Imaginary Invalid Lighting & Sound Greg Funaro
Of Thee I Sing Lighting & Sound John Shearin
Faculty Dance Concert 2008
     Goin' To Chicago Lighting Billy Siegenfeld
Shhhhhhhhhh...It's A Modern Dance Concert
     Being A Damsel Is A Drag Lighting Michele Sasse
     Storm Lighting Michele Sasse
     Cosmopolitan Lighting Michele Sasse
     A Waltz Lighting Michele Sasse
     Noelle Lighting Michele Sasse
     A Hairy Situation Lighting Michele Sasse
     A Little Mole Who Came Out Of His Hole Lighting Michele Sasse
     Innocent Lighting Michele Sasse
     Reflection Lighting Michele Sasse
     Soliloquy In Three Lighting Michele Sasse
     Personal Space Lighting Michele Sasse
     Bee Z Bodies Lighting Michele Sasse
     Vampire's Quartet Lighting Michele Sasse
     Shhh! Lighting Michele Romond
Into The Woods Lighting Dennis Razze
Dance Ensemble Concert
     Viva Vivaldi Lighting Gerald Arpino
     Offsides Lighting Gretchen McLaine
     Katrina Lighting Tim Cowart
     Bailamos Lighting Jay T. Jeankins
     Strict Love Lighting Doug Varone
     In Small Packages Lighting Kristin Fieseler
     Breaking Ground Lighting Tara Madsen
Our Town Lighting Wayne Turney
The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge Lighting Steven Dennis
The Last Night of Ballyhoo Lighting & Sound Anne Lewis
SATER/Dallas Hub Theatre
The Skriker Lighting Robert Neblett
L'Elisir d'Amore Lighting Michael Chadwick
Polaroid Stories Lighting Robert Neblett
Scapino Sound Matt Tomlanovich
Contemporary Dance Concert
     Self Portrait, a dance in two acts Lighting Robin Lakes
     Getting To The Other Side Lighting Shelley Cushman
     Can You Hear Me Now? Lighting Teresa Cooper
     Lifeguard Lighting Mary Lynn Smith
     Signal Lighting Andy Noble
     Le Fabuleux Quatre Lighting Hazel Sabas-Gower
     Between The Sheets Lighting Kristen Booth
A Lie of the Mind Sound Marjorie Hayes
New Choreographers Concert
     Go My Own Way Lighting Kelly Strickland
     No Regrets Lighting Tara Richey
     Solar Plexus Lighting Jenna Ciernia
     Do You Realize? Lighting Emily Gauthier
     Resonating Temptation Lighting Johanna Premeaux
     Between the Sheets Lighting Kristen Booth
     For a Good Time Call Lighting Whitney Hennen
The Importance of Being Earnest Lighting & Sound Andrew Harris
Contemporary Dance Concert
     Echoes of My Reflection Lighting Lindsey Hall
     The Other Side of the Story Lighting Mary Lynn Smith
     Time Slips Lighting Teresa Cooper
     Getting to the Other Side Lighting Shelley Cushman
Another Part of the House Lighting & Sound Madelen Cholakova
A Little Night Music Lighting & Sound Michael Serrecchia
New Choreographers Concert
       One Lighting Jennifer Chambers
       Two Lighting Jylian Cortez
       Three Lighting Angela Dearman
       Four Lighting Justin Kam
       Five Lighting Stephanie Sandoval
       Six Lighting Amber Sidener
       Seven Lighting Katie Trocquet
A Christmas Carol (2003) Lighting & Sound Frank and Betty Ann Barrow
Contemporary Dance Concert
     Counterpointe Lighting Arleen Sugano
     Moon in the Water Lighting Mary Lynn Smith
     Asylum Bound Lighting J. Cortez, S.
     Three Dance Sketches Lighting Teresa Cooper
     Beefsteak Tartare Tango Lighting Robin Lakes
     Hangin' by a Thread Lighting Teresa Cooper
     From Here to Here Lighting Shelley Cushman
     Regime Change Lighting Kerry Reiman
A Christmas Carol (2002) Lighting Rudy Eastman
Carousel Lighting & Sound Joel Ferrell
Journeys and Dreams Dance Concert
     Sakura Lighting Arleen Sugano
     If Kandinsky were a woman... rainbow was enuf Lighting Osiris Wade
     Should I? Lighting Robin Lakes
     X=10 Lighting Arleen Sugano
     Lucid Dreaming Lighting & Sound Mary Lynn Smith
     City Edition Lighting Shelly Cushman
The Love of the Nightingale Lighting & Sound Lorenzo Garcia
The Country Wife Lighting & Sound Marjorie Hayes
     Moto Perpetuo Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Reverie Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Twins Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Foreign Tales Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Dormez Vous Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
A Thousand Little Cities
     Maelstrom Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Travelogue Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     The Gallery Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Schlumps Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Distant Weather Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     One Wonders Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     The Big Plink Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Fanfare Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Broken Quartet Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Repaired Octet Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Orb of Love Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Get Along Little Doggies Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
The Big Room
     Beat Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Birth Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Jungle Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Hover Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
      Shake Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Flame Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Primer Lighting Mitchell Rose
     Cusp Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Drift Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Rip Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
     Tide Lighting Jamey Hampton, Ashley Roland
AERO BETTY aerial dance
Choreographer's Showcase Lighting Mike Barber, Suzanne Kenny
Into the Air
     Big Circle Lighting Suzanne  Kenny
     Flux Lighting Mary Oslund
     Spin Lighting Daniel Addy
     Revolving Duet Lighting Mike Barber
     Loops Lighting Daniel Addy
     Shriven Lighting Jae Diego
     Big Swing Lighting Mike Barber
Ain't Misbehavin' Lighting & Sound Harry Bryce
Forever Plaid Lighting, Scenery & Sound Rodney Peck
The Sisters Rosenzweig Sound Ken Zimmerman
Othello Lighting, Scenery & Sound Kate Davis
Angels In America--Millenium Approaches Lighting Ken Zimmerman
The Fantasticks Lighting Ken Zimmerman
A Month In The Country Lighting & Sound Ken Zimmerman
Beehive Sound Dave Landis
Five Guys Named Moe Sound Harry Bryce
The Piano Lesson Lighting, Scenery & Sound Bob Devin Jones
Joseph and  the Amazing...Dreamcoat Lighting Michael Scheman
Harvey Lighting & Sound Ken Zimmerman
Lost In Yonkers Lighting & Sound Ken Zimmerman
The Search for Intelligent Signs...Universe Lighting & Sound Dave Landis
Dancing at Lughnasa Lighting & Sound Kate Davis
A Funny Thing Happened...Forum   Lighting & Sound Ken Zimmerman
Smoke on the Mountain     Lighting Ken Zimmerman
Six Degrees of Separation Lighting & Sound Ken McCulough
Love Letters Lighting Jerry Chipman
The Velveteen Rabbit Lighting Dave Landis
The Importance Of Being Earnest Lighting & Sound Ken Zimmerman
Peter Pan  (1993,1994, 1995) Lighting & Sound Ken Zimmerman
Peter Pan (1996) Lighting & Sound Cory  Short
Holiday Memories Lighting & Sound Dave Landis
I Hate Hamlet Lighting & Sound Ken Zimmerman
Jesus Christ Superstar Lighting & Sound Ken McCulough
From The Mississippi Delta Scenery Bob Devin Jones
Four Baboons Adoring the Sun Lighting & Scenery Ken Zimmerman
for colored girls...rainbow is enuf Lighting & Scenery Leslie Reddick
Cinderella Lighting Eric Yetter
Coppelia Lighting Karl Condon
Dancing Together
     The Power of One Lighting Dennis Wayne; Chuck Davis
     Just Another Dance Lighting Dennis Wayne
     AADE Traditional Dances Lighting Chuck Davis
The Sleeping Beauty Lighting Denise Schultze Godfrey
Taming of the Shrew Lighting Janet Preslar
Giselle (1996, 2001) Lighting Denise Schultze Godfrey
Taking Care of Business
     Maiden Who Descends From Heaven Lighting Saeko Ichinohe
     Allegro Brilliante Lighting Balanchine/KarlCondon
     Crayola Lighting Dennis Spaight
     ...but not, as was previously thought     Lighting Diane Coburn Bruning
     Taking Care of Business Lighting Karl Condon
Winter Rep Program Lighting
     Legends of Camelot Lighting Judith Wombwell
     Moments Passing Lighting Dennis Wayne
     Andante Lighting Dennis Wayne
     Variations from Paquita Lighting Denise Schultze Godfrey
Grim   Lighting & Sound Ken Stofferahn
The Carmen Suite  Lighting & Scenery Konstantin Uralsk
Variations from Paquita Lighting & Scenery Irina Uralsky
Stars and  Stripes Lighting Lynn Andlauer-Lavin
Peter and the Wolf Lighting Lynn Andlauer-Lavin
LaBayadere  Lighting Irina Uralsky
Romeo and Juliet   Lighting Konstantin Uralsky
The Nutcracker   Lighting & Scenery Konstantin Uralsky
25th Anniversary Gala   Lighting & Scenery Konstantin Uralsky
Man of La Mancha   Lighting Jack Romano
Hotel Paradiso   Lighting & Sound Michael Larsen
Carnival   Lighting Michael Larsen
Evita  Lighting & Sound Jack Romano
The Me Nobody Knows Lighting Alan Levy
Our Time Cabaret  Lighting & Sound Jack Romano
The Wiz Lighting Jack Romano
Museum   Sound Eric Nightengale
Leader of the Pack   Lighting Jackie Martino
Annie Get Your Gun Lighting Nancy Barry
Alice in Wonder   Lighting & Sound Carol Morley
Annie  Lighting Michael Larsen
Hello Dolly  Lighting & Scenery Michael Larsen
The Boyfriend  Lighting Ralph Anderson
Playing for Time  Lighting & Sound Stephen Chaikelson
The Women  Lighting & Sound Sue Rabideau
Thomas Hart Benton Celebration  Lighting Susan Warden
Spring Show Lighting & Scenery Susan Warden
Spring Tour  Lighting Susan Warden
Winter Show Lighting Susan Warden
The Rover   Lighting Will Roberson
The Crucible   Sound Jeff Goode
The Marriage of Bette and Boo   Lighting Dale Rose
Independence   Sound Patrick Siler
Better Days   Sound Earnest Williams
The Big Knife   Lighting Dennis Rosa
The Bakkhai   Sound Robert Meagher
Zastrozzi   Sound Shannon Reilly
Tonight at 8:30  Sound Francis Cullinan
A Funny thing Happened...Forum Sound Michael Johnson
Twelfth Night  Sound Dale Rose
Aunt Dan And Lemon  Lighting & Sound Amy Hecht
The Would Be's and Others Sound Jacques Burdick
The Birthday Party  Sound George Keathley
Choreofest Lighting Catherine Greenhagen
The Three Penny Opera   Sound Michael Johnson
The Magic Flute   Lighting Michael Johnson
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